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Port de Bayonne -   Website of the French port of Bayonne
Port de Pasajes -   Website of the Spannish port of Pasajes
Russian maritime register -   The Russian maritime register of shipping.
Northern Shipping Company -   Northern Shipping Company website (English and Russian)
Vyborg Shipyard website -   Vyborg Shipyard website. Photos from all the ships built
Fleetmon -   Ship Database - Photos, AIS tracking, etc.
Vesseltracker -   Ship Database - Photos, AIS tracking, etc.
Marine Traffic -   Ship Database - Photos, AIS tracking, etc.
VT Explorer -   Ship tracking system, AIS
Equasis -   Data base of all the ships in service
Miramar Ship Index -   Data base of all the merchant ships that ever exist (Needs to be registered)
Shipspotting -   Huge and fantastic database. Updated daily.
Wreck Site -   World largest online wreck database, over than 93.000 wrecks reported
Marine Marchande -   French website, daily updated. Information and photos from all the French ports - Webmaster : Capt Hervé Cozanet (En Français).   By Yannick LE BRIS (France). Photographies of all kind of ships

Rosenkranz Shipphotos -

  Hans Rosenkranz private homepage with photographs of ships from many ports all over the world. Many ships with derricks - Database with information about freighters and other ships
Cargos - Paquebots - Autres navires de marine marchande -   Cargo ships - Cruise vessels - Other merchant ships - Travels around the world onboard cargo ships or cruise ships by Françoise Massard (In French).   Christopher Brooks shipping photography. Beautiful pictures!!   Michael Harms website. Very good website with many pictures of high sea ships and river ships
Ships Off Terneuzen -   Marcel van Luik photographs. Good!
Ships Nostalgia -   World's greatest online community for people worldwide with an interest in ships and shipping (Needs to be registered)   The website designed by Bert van der Kuijl, SHiplover from the Netherlands. (In dutch)
Morflot -   Website dedicated to former soviet merchant ships (In Russian - Needs to be registered)
Merchant ships International -   Site by Steffen Wiedner dedicated to all kinds of international merchant ships.   Maik Ebel photographs of ships and ship details
Navymar -   Fco. Javier García Jiménez and his "colaboradores" collection   Capt's José Luis Díaz Campa & Amador Méndez Fernández Shipping Pages
JTA -   JTA ship photos. From the port of Fredericia - Denmark
Mar y Barcos -   History about spanish shipping companies   Pictures of ships mostly taken at Hamburg and on the river Elbe by Martin Witte   ShipPhotos site, devoted to displaying a nice collection of ship photographs   Photo-archive, contains nearly every type of merchant ship from germany
Quayside -   Patrick Hill ship photographs.   Superb collection of photos and informations from Aleksey Yablonskiy   W&W Kosten's digital portfolio dedicated to shipping photographs, mostly up and around the river Scheldt   By Peter Bichsel, Markus Berger, Daniel Trösch, and all team swiss-ships!
Birkey's vessel Website -   Birkey collection of ship photography
Ships Underway -   Photographs galleries by David Gallichan from Manchester.
Nautik4ever -   Archives devoted to ships, ships and more ships! By Michael Schindler
Martins Homepage -   Martin Goudriaan photographs around Rotterdam (With Facebook)   Peter Nennstiel photographs and souvenirs (German)   Max Mueller web-blog
Ship photography and freighter journeys -   Website in german of a Neptun-421 class fan   Andreas Schröder website : Pictures from ships on Nord-Ostsee Kanal (Kiel Canal) and other maritim views. (In German) .   Schiffsbilder von NOK und mehr : Many pictures and a very professional website (in German)
Tugspotter -   Latest news and pictures regarding tugs & other ships, salvage operations   Marion & Helge Barth photographs (in German)   Italian Website dedicated to shipping and in particular, to shipowners and shipowner's groups   Robert Fournier website. photographs from the port of Dunkerque and Calais.
Kustvaartforum -   German Forum and blog about ship photography in transit on the Kiel Canal.
Haven foto's -   Henk van Kooten's website, a merchant ship lover and very good photographer.
Skipsalbum on CD-rom   "must" for all who are interested in express coastal steamers (In English and in Norwegian)
Ships and Funnels :   NEW - Dieter Kannengießer website. Very interesting website. A lot of pictures!! Welcome !
Uminchu Daisuke :   NEW - Website of Daisuke, a former naval officer on a German minehunter until 2018. Welcome !   NEW - A Timeline of Ships, Boats and Yachts. Welcome !